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Hydracore has been in continuous operation since 1975—a half century of innovation, refinement and design excellence that has produced exceptional drills and drilling equipment that consistently deliver unmatched performance and reliability.


They have never settled for the norm. From the very earliest days we have been driven to produce the very best drills and drilling equipment, even if we believed the best meant flying in the face of convention. Our conviction has always come from decades of experience, and the very best technical expertise and support available

• Hydracore designed and built the very first manportable drill system almost 25 years ago.

• Hydracore designed our proprietary drill head technology that we deploy exclusively in all our drills to this day.

• They designed a highly innovative drill head replacement system that seamlessly converts inefficient conventional heads with superior Hydracore drill head technology at a fraction of the cost of drill replacement.

• These are just a few of the design innovations that Hydracore have developed over the years—many of which have become the standard today.

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