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What is the difference between Advertising and Marketing?

Our company is focused on education and communications. Our top performers study night and day, to evolve within their craft.

Within a good creative agency, there is a lot of pressure. Most agencies are always pushing the bounds on design, advertising and marketing objectives. “


“We are always under some sort of deadline. And this keeps us focused at all times.”


We work at a brillianty fast pace, while many other firms are slow and too bureaucratic to operate with efficiency. By using the latest apps, design programs, and by studing new emerging technologies, we deliver fast, more direct campaigns. This is because of the ever-changing nature of technology, and business all over the world.


We are selective about clients, and the projects we take on. This helps us to deliver exceptional work, while only designing for the projects that we believe in most.

What can we do for you?

Evolve Branding can introduce a large audience to your brand. By utilizing industry standard 4K, 6K and 8K Camera technology such as the RED WEAPON camera, all viewers will be struck by the cinematic quality of the video production.

With affordability in mind, Evolve will execute the production with a B camera, so that every scene has multiple angles both for video and still image opportunities for Web, Print and other applications. Over a 2 day period, all content will be captured to act as the companies Media Library for as long as 5-years.

The primary goal is to look bigger, more trustable, and significantly more successful than all of the competitors in the space, worldwide.

By placing this video on traditional mediums such as television and paid advertisements online, an unquantifiable amount of revenue will be available to the company in the form of inbound sales opportunities and also investment opportunities.

When it comes to strong advertising and marketing services, our managing partners will get your company exactly what it needs.

Advertising and Marketing are two ('2') separate topics. Evolve treats advertising and marketing as two ('2') different points of emphasis, both very important to the growth and longevity of a brand. Read the following to learn more about our services.

Let’s take a look at the definition of these two words:


Pronounced: ad·ver·tis·ing ˈadvərˌtīziNG/
The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.


“Movie audiences are receptive to advertising” advertisements collectively. “despite being instructed to take the signs down, he says he has no intention of removing the advertising.”



Pronounced: mar·ket·ing ˈmärkədiNG/
The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Example: “The film had a huge marketing budget, there’s no wonder they had the highest box office draw!”

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