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Evolve has been involved in real estate since 2008.  We have experience with Remax, Coldwell Banker, Avison Young, YPA Realty, Onni, Sutton, Oakwyn, Beedie, and many capital companies that invest in large developments. Our history of commercial and residential projects of all shapes and sizes has secured our position as a leading design and marketing agency for real estate in British Columbia, Canada.

We have worked with over 100 commercial and residential real estate agents, many times having to follow strict brand guidelines put in place by the real estate firm that they represent. Ask us for more information on our experience in real estate, and we will provide a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), so that we can present formal case studies in an in-person meeting, or in a secure video call.

In the pre-sale of residential projects, we have worked on architectural renderings, virtual presentations, video productions, marketing booklets, and conventional forms of marketing from pay-per-click, to building sales centers. In large scale commercial projects we have worked with CEO’s, Chief Technical Officers, Architects and Builders to create effective models, renderings and investor decks that help usher in funding, capital investments and financial plans. Whenever a project is at it’s origin, from beginning of build to near-completion, we will jump in to market those projects, both commercial and residential. When a project is complete, we find additional ways to market the project, and this can range from finding additional capital, all the way to executing an ever-evolving marketing budget based on market conditions.

We have recently worked with Dowco, a company that invented 3D modelling for architecture in 1970. Dowco created 3D modelling for construction, which saves hundreds of millions, and historically has saved billions of dollars for complex builds around the world. They contacted Evolve for a complete rebrand focusing on the past 50 years, and the future 50 years for the company. They have now increased business by over 80%, which considers many factors, not just the branding. We created video, a new brand visual identity, UIUX of their website, implemented Mixed Reality (Microsoft Hololens 2), updated their mission statement, vision and overall messaging. Altogether our work has further exemplified Dowco’s tradition of excellence. Dowco has built Amazon, Google, NASA, One World Trade Center, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation buildings, and many of the most complex stadiums around the world and in the USA. Working with Dowco has been a truly pleasurable endeavour that has solidified Evolves existence in the real estate world, from commercial, residential and even the very beginnings of architectural builds and construction.

We’ve been a part of everything in the real estate world from beginning to end, and have accrued the access to Builders, Architects, Financial Institutions, general contractors and city planners to invest and build great new projects globally.

Evolve Vancouver Real Estate Marketing

Dowco Brand Essence Video

Coldwell Banker Video (Peter Coppard)

3D Modelling for Vertical Agriculture Company

Architectural Printing Company

Lumion 3D Modelling in collaboration w/ HEARD

3D Modelled City in collaboration w/ BeeHive

Epic Black Business Cards

Evolve Vancouver Real Estate Marketing

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