Our Process

We have quite an intensive process for branding building. All of our projects are handled with strict quality control measures, to ensure optimal brand presentation across platforms and marketing assets. Website development also follows a similar process, as does film production. We segment our workflow, to keep all aspects of our campaigns accountable and in check.

Here’s a peak at our previous branding and visual identity. Take note of how many assets are produced, and how consistent they look.

Whenever we complete branding, a Brand Standards Guide is included. A Brand Standards Guide, or Brand Manual, acts a definitive source for all the rules, specifications, colours, typography, images and other marketing assets your brand requires for a wide variety of presentations. This keeps your business consistent, professional, and shows strong continuity across your marketing campaigns. This enhances a viewers opinion of the brand, and how successful it is. Brand Intelligence, Value Proposition, Visual Identity and Customer Engagement all follow a brand that shows excellent consistency, and continuity across all mediums.

Phase 1: Creative

  • Discovery Session
  • Signed Contract
  • Brand Audit
  • Research
  • Mood Board

Phase 2: Design

  • Brainstorm Internal
  • Concept Research
  • Concept Design
  • Present Concepts
  • Revision
  • Approval

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Define Next Steps
  • Design Brand Collateral
  • Present Concepts
  • Revision
  • Approval

Phase 4: Applying and Extending

  • Source Printers
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Evaluate


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