Hiring a Consultant is Business Smart

Evolve works with a wide variety of business consultants in film and television, technology, business planning, media planning and financial planning. It is important to work with the best, wherever possible. Consultancy gives a business the opportunity to engage a top consultant, with little financial risk.

We help your company acquire consultants on fixed contracts. This keeps expenses low and manageable. This also gives consultants a chance to ‘pitch’ their services, getting into a competitive scenario, where the business owners can pick and choose the best possible consultant.

Consultancy Can Be Key For Many Reasons. Let's Name a Few:

1. The right business consultant has been in the specified industry longer than you. They may know tricks, employees, and connections that can expedite your development, cheaper!
2. A good consultant, enhances your businesses valuation. This is because they have success in the given field, and have been vetted as the best applicant. It adds value to investors having a consultant with a strong track record.
3. A good consultant works efficiently. These guys have answers before you have questions, because they’ve done this sort of thing before. Although evolve has capable brand developers, graphic designers, marketers and tech developers, specialized consultants can have even more experience than us in specific areas.
4. It’s like having an employee, except better. These guys are self motivated, they want their final 50% payment, and they will go above and beyond to get it.

Overall, a successful interaction with a consultant can change the game for any business, no matter what level the business is at.

What is a good budget for a consultant?

The budget for a consultant can vary wildly. It is best to establish a working budget, that the company can afford, and then go from there.
For startups a recommended budget for a consultant on a 6 week contract: $3,500.00 CAD
For successful businesses that are seeking a more efficient way to do business, a good budget can range from $15,000 CAD – $60,000 CAD for 3 – 6 months of consultancy services.

We work with our clients to establish consultancy budgets, and to determine the best possible consultant for the requirement, company or technology push.

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