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The Pursuit of Excellence

We started in 2008. Since then we have worked with some of the world's largest companies.

Evolve Branding is a design and communications agency with over 45 partners and associates. We contract out over 80 individuals per year. Hiring Directors, DOP's, Film Crews, and specialist Designers helps us stay fluid, and full of new energy. Our principals have over 150 years of combined experience crafting brands and business plans. We have succeeded in helping companies generate revenue, raise investment capital and conquer new markets. When the brand has a good mission statement we love to dive into our top secret work. We keep our clients work confidential. Intellectual Property Law is our top priority as we dive into services ranging from graphic design and name generation, all the way into trademark, patent, registration and copyright law. Although we are not lawyers, we work with law firms to develop names that will pass trademark checks, domain name availabilities and strategic brand goals.

We started as a Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing agency and grew to a North American Agency. After 13 years in businesses evolve is now an International Agency.

Our network alone has risen capital in projects, we actively accept equity as payment, and we believe that great new innovations are coming out every day. We are an eternally optimistic firm that has found success in very challenging spaces. With continual innovation in hardware, software, and mixed reality presentations, evolve has become a world leader in futuristic presentations.

Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing

Evolve was contacted in 2020 to work with one of the world’s historic building companies. DOWCO Consultants and DOWCO Group of Companies is a very large organization, with more than 50 years experience in the steel and construction industry. With hundreds of iconic buildings around the world, and some of the most prolific structures in the USA, DOWCO is the industry pioneer in 3D Steel Detailing. Evolve has been developing the brands visual identity, modernizing the web communications and overall brand positioning for the next 50 years. More updates on the project will become available in the coming weeks, as DOWCO takes final steps to cement their brand position within North American history.


Evolve was contacted in 2016 to collaborate on a new concept. ASelectFew creates small-batch, high-quality, unisex streetwear celebrating traditional south Asian culture and sustainability. Made in Canada, the garments are ethically sourced, environmentally responsible, and custom dyed. Recently featured in Vogue India, and worn by Diljit Dosanjh in various films and music videos, the streetwear brand has gained international attention. The brand was ideated by Moneey Singh, an engineer and designer based out of Gastown, Vancouver, B.C.


Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing Agency

Mixed Reality Investor Presentations

We protect intellectual property with the Microsoft Hololens 2. Ask us for a free demo.

Our Partners

We are experts in the protection of intellectual property.

We develop custom security, communications and design systems for a wide array of business models. Our agency views every single client through a unique and individualized lens. Vancouver Branding Agencies lack international experience. Evolve has worked in countries around the world. We have special connections in the following countries and states: New York, California, London, Germany, China, Japan, Toronto, Trinidad & Tobago, India, Uganda, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Jamaica, and others. Evolve started as a Vancouver Branding Agency, and began to gain international recognition in 2014.

In late-2014 evolve became the top-ranked branding agency in Vancouver on Google. This was a notable moment in the brand’s history, as it opened up contract work with Telus, Ledcor, Canucks Alumni, and a wide variety of startups via the Google search engine. For the following 5 years, evolve grew into a highly successful firm specializing in pitch decks, investor presentations, and brand visual identity systems.

By early-2020 evolve had gone virtual. After spending years absorbing equity in various ventures, startups, technologies, and applications. By February evolve had absorbed positions in the SAAS space, and had secured several top developer talents. The firm was flourishing and continued to gain successes on Google which led to invaluable experience in technology-related ventures. We worked on several key applications, technologies, and software systems that brought our firm to the top financial groups in the country.

Vancouver Branding Agency

World Class Client Services

Every step of our process was created with your security in mind. We first sign a MNDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement) to learn about your company and idea, and to share more information about our company. Then we bring you to our client services lounge in English Bay.

Brand Visual Identity

We do more than make logos. We develop complex visual identity systems that compliment a strong marketing strategy and creative brief. We look closely at the corporate structure and business plan, to tailor a brand visual identity that can penetrate the industry.


We take your carefully curated brand and put it before the masses with TV, RADIO, PRINT, PPC, SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA and EVENTS. We also provide reporting, analytics and data to give your company full peace of mind on your marketing campaign results.

A Proudly Vancouver Based Agency

We have gained over 230 Google reviews in the past decade. Each one tells a unique story of working with evolve.

We pride ourselves on the unique challenges we have solved, and the great customer stories that follow.

We pride ourselves in being a Canadian company, where many of our American clients benefit from the lower Canadian dollar, tax benefits for film, and access to world-class technology. Being just a 2-hour flight from Los Angelos gives our Vancouver agency access to unlimited resources in the film and tech space.

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Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing Agency

World-Class Keynote Speech Stage

Evolve has recently acquired unlimited access to a keynote stage in Delta, British Columbia. Our clients receive access to this tremendous keynote speech stage.

We compliment all of our clients goals. We are a top Vancouver branding agency.

World-Class Keynote Speech Stage

Evolve has recently acquired unlimited access to a keynote stage in Delta, British Columbia. Our clients receive access to this tremendous keynote speech stage. We are in the constant pursuit of excellence, the keynote stage is a place where we make special presentations for investors, partners, team members and for special gatherings. In the post-covid future, companies will be forced to adapt, evolve and innovate. We are a company focused on making the world a better place, and will often work on a pro bono for special projects that cannot afford our services.

Stage Features

$250,000 Professional Stage (free to all evolve clients)
Host COVID-Friendly Brand Launches with Social Distancing Presets
Video Projection on 3 Wide-Format Screens
Live Streaming Capabilities
Atmospheric Smoke / Fog
64-Million LED Colour Combinations (any brand colour combinations)

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