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We are a top ranked design and digital marketing agency based out of beautiful British Columbia.

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We are a top ranked design and digital marketing agency based out of North America.

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Who We Are

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Our Focus

Branding and Intellectual Property Law is our focus.

With 100+ years of combined experienced between our partners, we put a lot of time into our craft. That means a ton of research, education, training, discovery and technological solutions are part of our daily lives. We look at smartphones, laptops and the internet as a whole as the breakthrough technology that has taken mankind to a new age. The age of the internet. Our firm specializes in crafting intimate brand stories that keep customers engaged.

We Are Always Working On Cool New Technologies

We started in 2008. Since then we have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands. Together with our partners, we have developed more than 300 brands.

Evolve Branding is a design and communications agency with over 45 staff. Our people have over 100 years of combined experience crafting brands and business plans. We have succeeded in helping companies generate revenue, raise investment capital and conquer new markets. When the brand has a good mission statement we love to dive into our top secret work. We keep our clients work confidential. Intellectual Property Law is our top priority as we dive into services ranging from graphic design and name generation, all the way into trademark, patent, registration and copyright law. Although we are not lawyers, we work with law firms to develop names that will pass trademark checks, domain name availabilities and strategic brand goals.

We do things the right way.

We can turn any type of business into a trusted brand.

In 2008 we started hiring and partnering with the best of every skillset. Our mission was to hire those who had a stellar track record with big brands. While working with A&W, IKEA, General Motors, FOX, UFC, ABC Telus, MARVEL and others, we gained valuable experience working on big brands, campaigns and business models.

Experience at the top levels of business gives marketers a keen edge. Our people have succeeded over and over again, while working with some of the worlds most successful companies.

We are experts in the protection of Intellectual Property.

We develop custom security, communications and design systems for a wide array of business models. Our agency views every single client through a unique and individualized lens.

World Class Service

Every step of our process was created with your security in mind. We first sign a MNDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement) to learn about your company and idea, and to share more information about our company.

Brand Visual Identity

We do more than make logos. We develop complex visual identity systems that compliment strong marketing strategy. We look closely at corporate structure and business plan.


We take your carefully curated brand and put it before the masses with TV, RADIO, PRINT, PPC, SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA and EVENTS. We also provide reporting, analytics and data to give your company full peace of mind on your marketing campaign results.

Advertising & MARKETING
Investment Capital

Evolve Branding Agency Facts.

All of our work starts with a standard discovery call. Here we learn more about all of the inner workings, goals, history and experience of the leaders in an organization. We also try to learn about successes and failures that have come to light.

  • International Branding Agency
  • 18 Core Partners & Associates
  • 150+ Genuine Google Reviews
  • 50+ Current Client References available via phone
  • Experience with brands such as Marvel, A&W, General Motors, IKEA, FOX, ABC, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, CBC, UFC, TELUS, Harvard University, Canucks Alumni, Red, ARRI, HBO, Netflix

Our History

  • 2008 - Evolve Launches
    During the winter time of 2008, Evolve is first launched as a designer collective focusing on digital media, design and advertising. The firm quickly gains traction in the following industries: Hospitality, Bio Technology, Healthcare, Military, Industrial, Cannabis, Data, Food & Drink, Automotive, Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Finance and Venture Capital.
  • 2012 - Evolve Moves to Yaletown Office
    Evolve moves into its first office located in Yaletown, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. The agency quickly expands into a second office location in Ladner, B.C. Canada the same year.
  • 2015 - Evolve Becomes the Top Ranked Branding Firm in Vancouver on Google and other platforms
    After a rigorous 3 years of training in Search Engine Optimization, evolve became ranked first in Vancouver for keywords related to branding. The firm starts to grow geometrically.
  • 2017 - Evolve Hires Senior Marketing Director
    In 2017 Evolve hires Brad Sherwin, a Sr. Marketing Director with experience with IKEA, A&W, General Motors, Volkswagen and others. The Advertising Division at Evolve is solidified.
  • 2019 - Evolve Formalizes Acquisition + Partnership
    In 2019 the company undergoes a rapid transition into becoming a larger company. A Technical Director, Brand Director, Innovation Director and Sustainability Director join the agency.
  • 2020 - Evolve becomes a Cloud-Based Agency
    Due to COVID-19 the agency executes a shift in practices, becoming a virtual, cloud based agency. Evolve becomes even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic due to increased digital demands for businesses. The agency adopts new pricing models to support small business, medium businesses and large organizations during the pandemic. Several large campaigns are launched between March - May that gain international notoriety, effectively positioning the firm as one of Western Canada's most acclaimed agencies.The firm goes on to invest in data, hosting and digital security technology.