Comprehensive Brand Visual Identity System for Tasty Indian Bistro and the sub brands (Tasty Indian Kitchen + Tasty Indian Lounge). We identified the best design trends, and smartest long term design investments for the Tasty Indian Bistro brand, when expanding nationally.


Conceptualized by Mr. Avtar Saini, the legendary hotelier from Gujarat (India), Tasty Indian Bistro is the precise answer to authentic Indian hospitality. The decor and experience in all of the
restaurants is luxurious and befits the fine dining space. The owners and management regulate a very high standard of “guest” services. Corporate culture and “guest” services is treated with very high regard.

Brand Function

The goal was to amalgamate North American and Indian culture in a way that had never been done before. By shooting film with the Red Epic Dragon 6K, we captured the brand essence and demonstrated a photographic styling that immediately conveys the Tasty experience.

We create brand recognition by emphasizing the sheer quality of services, professionalism, resources, team of expertise, and success acquired by Tasty Indian Bistro. The best way to demonstrate quality is through visually engaging film production. By utilizing state of the art camera technology, editing techniques, colour grading, shot styling and lighting preparation, we achieved a specialized, fine dining, experiential brand video. A brand essence video is highly engaging and effective as a sales tool for sales reps and marketing applications. This also gives a strong value proposition in regards to brand recognition and overall brand appeal amongst the Canadian marketplace.

Brand Awareness

We build awareness by focusing on the company story, leadership, resources, integrity, and specific case studies on customers who have been impressed with Tasty Indian Bistro. We can build a brand in the leagues of Nobu, Gymkhana, Hakkasan, Cactus Club and the Keg. It will take time and significant resources to achieve a highly effective brand visual identity. Tasty Indian Bistro has the potential to become one of the only nationally known Indian fine food restaurants in Canada. This further reinforces the necessity of a strong brand identity and awareness to communicate Tasty Indian Bistro’s values at all touch points. National brand awareness is a goal of Tasty Indian Bistro.

Trusted By Design

Clear space is the area surrounding our logo that must be kept free of any text or graphic elements. By leaving space around the logo, we make sure it stands out on all our communications. The minimum clear space is 50% of the height of the entire logo. It is sometimes necessary to increase and decrease the logo depending on the print area. Always keep in proportion. Always ensure the text is legible.

Brand Assets

This is an example of how our branding would be best applied to maintain consistency of look and feel on print, packaging, employee manuals, menus and merchandise.

The Outcome

We customized a shooting style, and overall motif that is satisfying, inviting, clean, and fine dining-focused which resonates with the B2C demographic of viewers. We created a transparent business profile and brand experience film, showing the company’s approach, resources, and services. This builds trust in the company’s offering, while retaining a fresh and approachable feel.

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