Film Production


Evolve Branding specializes in enhanced production quality. By providing video solutions we give clients ultimate traction in any industry. We utilize film industry standard 4K, 6K and 8K movie cameras, and often provide custom video screen solutions to display this footage in-store at events. Evolve has a wide and dynamic range of experience on-set and behind the scenes.

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Vancouver Video Production is one of our specialties. We have over 14 years experience in film production working with companies such as the UFC, CBC, ABC, TELUS, UNITED WAY, and a host of other corporations. The Film industry in Vancouver has blossomed, and is in full bloom.

We have a wide roster of Crew for behind the scenes, Electrical, Lighting, Staging and Creative which help us deliver stunning results, catered to your established budget for video.

We deploy a wide array of tools for our photography and video clients, such as: Red Epic 4K Cameras, Red Weapon 6K Cameras, 360 Virtual Reality Equipment, Shot Over Helicopter Cameras, a variety of Drone Cameras depending on the shoot requirements, and also action cameras such as the Phantom 4K Flex from Vision Labs, and the tiny yet powerful GoPro Black for first person productions.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with other production companies to produce large scale projects such as Imaginere Studios, Assembly Productions, Black America and Coldwell Banker Real Estate, to name one of the many real estate companies we have worked with for film production services.

Vancouver Film Production includes many steps, both creative and analytical. We also develop our concepts from the standpoints of originality, effectiveness in the market, and by researching where the competition is at, and where they plan to go. Evolve Branding consistently creates media kits for companies of different sizes and scopes. When required, we operate as a Boutique Creative Agency, and often times we morph our services to cater to large scale production, in which we add our extensive network of Designers, Producers, Film-Makers and Sound Engineers to exactify the final elements of a given video concept.

Due to an increase in demand for our services, we require 3 weeks notice on shoot dates, to adequately deliver effective results for your video and media campaign. We are the experts that deliver content that is strategically placed for years of scheduled releases. Depend on us to Evolve your Brand with exceptional video and media quality.

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