Evolve was responsible for the overall brand visual identity, including name generation, logo, brand guideline and media. The focus was Hollywood level cinematography, where its brand essence video became the main conversation at each brand touch point. 



Brand Essence

What do the Brands of the future look like? Where does this brand fit into the future? Timeless branding means future-proofing the business. We envisioned Imaginere to be a tech-focused production company, leveraging the latest technology to take a project from concept to production. This is all built on the foundation of a strong brand identity. The stages of developing a brand, involve determining the brand values, its core promise and the main brand drivers prior to developing the visual concept.  This is what we mean by “brand essence” its visual identity reflects the brand personality. Imaginere was built to be a creative birthplace for content creators, a place where imagination becomes reality. 

UI/UX Design

The Imaginere name is derived from ancient latin. It comes from the word imagin, which means to dream and ideate. The name was created to sound bankable and corporate but inspiring at the same time.


Being a company that funds film and television projects, we built a brand that is cinematic, profound and powerful.

The Outcome

Imaginere provides turn-key executive producing, marketing and distribution services. They are project managers, casting, producers, marketers, and financial managers, and are on your team. It’s like having the expertise of a major studio backing your project, without the major expense.

More Projects More Experience

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We carefully monitor, analyze, audit and optimize by starting with research. Then we are able to start developing numbers and project budgetary outlines. It begins with a strong discovery session, commonly referred to as ‘a brief.’

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