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SIRKit is an award winning Managed IT Services company, offering fully outsourced cyber-security, helpdesk, monitoring, consulting and advisory services for businesses.

Powerful IT Services. Serious Protection.

SIRKit was founded to protect our partners and we’re committed to long-term partnerships.

The SIRKit brand mark is a skyward symbol representing a pathway to simpler and more effective business operations. By trusting managed IT to our company, a client gets peace of mind that all systems will be nominal. We convey a sense of calmness and trust, as represented with the sky blue colour myriad. 

3D Modelling

Want a proposal?

We Make custom proposals, please make a RFP (request for proposal) to get us started on yours.

We carefully monitor, analyze, audit and optimize by starting with research. Then we are able to start developing numbers and project budgetary outlines. It begins with a strong discovery session, commonly referred to as ‘a brief.’

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