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Evolve handles brand guidelines and renderings for DNATA Canada. Our Creative Director created brand modifications, brand guidelines and consulting for Dnata Catering customized trucks.

Extending the Brand Visual Identity

Dnata required an updated version of a logo ‘dnata catering’, which was inline with the brand guidelines document used by corporate in the United Emirates.

Extending a Logo to New Applications can be Difficult

Evolve created a new brand guidelines document to establish the rules and foundation for the new truck fleet. This included precise sizing, prototyping, corporate communications and presentation materials to the branding and marketing division within Dnata.

Experience with Big Corporations

When it comes to dealing with large corporations, evolve has the experience to move at the pace of the organization, while remaining agile to the demands that the organization will have during different time zones.

Successful Prototyping

To create a successful prototype requires first establishing the budgetary requirements so that the organization is prepared and fully in the loop when it comes to x-factors such as bubbling, colour variations, and weather-proofing. After just a single prototype, we were able to obtain sign-off. This saved the organization time and money.

The Outcome

After a successful implementation, Evolve has now become the go-to source for vehicles, merchandise, and assets requiring the logo, and extensions for new pieces in the collection.

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