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Pontus Water Lentils is a Canadian aquaponics operation specializing in the organic and sustainable production of water lentils and water lentil protein powder. The highly nutritious plant and its botanical curiosities have been studied more in-depth in the last decade – its advantages being realized concurrently with the accelerating narrative of of traditional agriculture’s adverse impact and carbon footprint (such as livestock and meat production). Pontus serves to cater to the growing consumer base shifting from meat-based diets to plant-based diets.

Brand Essence

Pontus is a vertical aquaponics company, that specializes in plant-based protein.

Now, one more time in English.

Pontus creates stacked water trays, that essentially use fish and fast-growing plants to feed each other in a sustainable loop. The fish eat the plants, the plants grow from the fish living in the water. When applied vertically (stacking plant water trays), the ability to save massive amounts of farm land, grasslands, and forests becomes possible. Pontus will eventually build skyscrapers that will feed cities, towns, and villages. The technology can be built anywhere on the planet and even one day in outer space. Evolve was hired to simplify all of this extraordinary information, into a logo.

UI/UX Design

Our goal is to give users an intuitive and pleasurable experience. Good UX design creates a positive experience for your user by anticipating—and fulfilling—their needs.

Design Mechanism

The concept is based on the plant’s mechanism. Since you have to plant lentils in full sun, the growth of lentils is dependent on the cycle of the sun. We can deliver consistent year round harvest because it doubles every 13-32 hours to be harvested everyday – hence the rotation of the sphere represents the cyclical nature of harvesting this plant.

The Pontus icon represents verticality, water usage, cyclic plant growth and also sustainability to the highest level. We use a class oval sphere to represent the renewable nature of our technology.

Brand Positioning

 An effective brand positioning strategy will maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, in maximizing brand value. In this case, we positioned Pontus as the go-to plant-based protein to target the biggest challenge; world hunger and future sustainable agriculture for the planet.

The Outcome

Pontus became a publicly-traded company on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) and drew a large amount of attention, partnerships, and investments into the company. Evolve championed the brand visual identity, website, brand strategy, mission statement, and brand voice together with Victoria Bennett from BMW Consults.

“We achieved a great amount of success going public, which helped us raise money for the first facility build. The brand identity, web experience, and the 3D Modelling became the critical factors in raising money quicker in the final build stages.”

– J. R. Lopez
CXO,  Pontus Water Lentils

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