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Our People

  • T. Zhuang
    T. ZhuangSenior Web Producer

    Tobias Zhuang is a website producer and technical director based out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. His dogged work ethic, and determination to get things done the right way, is what makes him a great addition to Evolve. Deep connections in China, lend special logistical opportunities that our company provides many our clients. Tobias is a true professional.

  • Lucho Berzek
    Lucho BerzekDirector of Photography

    A traveler, a tireless seeker of human feelings, a compulsive researcher of the introspective soul, always open to experimentation and hard work. Every frame represents an ephemeral moment in life, an instant that will never be back. Lucho has a personal large format studio located in the Downtown Vancouver area.

  • Broderick Gunning
    Broderick GunningPrivate Equity / Venture Capitalist

    Broderick Gunning is a venture capitalist, business consultant and is our personal plug for finance, mergers, acquisitions and large ventures. His understanding of the financial world, mixed with his winning personality makes him an outstanding partner to Evolve. Brodie loves to hear about new ventures, and is usually available with 2 weeks notice.

  • Sarah Aslfallah
    Sarah AslfallahCommunications / Public Relations

    Sarah Aslfallah is a communications, public relations and stylist  based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. With a wide range of skills, and a keen focus on business law, Sarah brings a host of valuable skills to the team. Often filling the role of executive assistant, Sarah is a junior associate at Evolve, who is well on her way to becoming a partner. Her teamwork is valued.

  • Brad Sherwin
    Brad SherwinSenior Marketing Director

    Brad Sherwin has been in the advertising industry for more than 30 years. With brands such as A&W, IKEA, General Motors, Volkswagen and many others under his belt, he is our Senior Marketing Director. Brad has incredible insight into brand name development, marketing strategy, business planning and also media planning. His expertise as a consultant is phenomenal. His long term thinking, is what makes him so valuable to our organization. Brad Sherwin Evolve Branding Vancouver

  • Aly Bernardi
      Aly BernardiExecutive Sales Director

      Aly Bernardi is an Executive Sales and Marketing Director, with a robust experience in branding and business development. Aly’s knowledge can supplement strong business development, with concise brand message and sales strategy. She is a hard working and dedicated professional who is sincere and very passionate about the work that she puts out. Most of the time she is lost in studies, continuing to build upon her knowledge base. Depend on Aly for business development, consultations and professional copywriting and content creation.

    • Michael Zbeetnoff
      Michael ZbeetnoffSenior Web Developer

      Michael is a full stack expert developer, hailing from Richmond, British Columbia. It was in the small city, that he became lifelong friends with the founder, J.R. Lopez. Michael Zbeetnoff works with Evolve on large scale app developments, complex custom websites, hosting and cyber security projects. He adds to evolves capabilities with leading practice HTML, C++, JQuery and many of the other diverse and complex web languages. Depend on Michael for anything web, system or large scope.

    • J.R. Lopez Vancouver Creative Director
      J.R. Lopez Vancouver Creative DirectorCEO / Founder

      J.R. Lopez a media professional with 12+ years experience in Graphic Design, Brand Strategy and Web Development. 15+ years experience in Film & Television, and 9+ years experience and education in Business Development and Cyber Security. After landing roles in a several marvel movies, J.R. became inspired to create film. His technical design abilities, and experience in setting up successful new companies makes him a serious full stack designer. J.R. specializes as a Lead UI/UX Designer, Senior Creative Director, Film Producer, Senior Graphic Designer, Senior Advertising Specialist and Venture Capitalist.

    Unforgettable Branding & Visual Identity

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    The Design Division handles Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, Web Development, Photography and System Architecture. The Advertising Division handles Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management, Social Media, Online Advertising, TV, Radio and SEO and E-Commerce. The Capital Division handles Financial Services, Investments, Loans, Equity, Valuations, Business Consultancy and Planning.


    About Us

    We live and breathe branding, and business excellence.


    Welcome to Evolve Branding, a Vancouver full service creative agency. We have recently merged with a finance company, and now provide financial services to our clients. We have 40+ years of combined experience in Branding Strategy, Vancouver Website Development, Film Production and Advertising. Our recent employees and partnerships make us an excellent and flexible advertising firm. With progressive thinking, and creativity in our deals, Evolve Branding, has become a sought after name in Vancouver and across North America.

    Our key specialty lies within preparing startups for finance, with immaculate branding and visual identity. Our network of business consultants align a detailed business plan, and business deck to prospective investors. At this point, our venture capital, and finance professional help seek finance from vetted venture capitalists, and financial institutions. All with the success of the organization in mind. We partner with our clients, to achieve the best possible success on any level of concept, business or organization.

    Creating a brand is more than creating a logo. Branding is about building a great story, a strong system and an incredible amount of attention and customers for a business. Evolve finds a way to enhance any brand, with film, design, advertising and investment.

    We turn businesses into brands.

    Evolve Branding Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing Web Design

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