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Evolve was commissioned with building the name and brand visual identity for RTO Homes Canada. With many rent to own options across Canada, our ffirm was tasked with making a bigger and more trustable brand.

Evolve developed RTO Homes from name generation, logo development, brand strategy, and go to market strategy.

Rent to Own your Dream Home Now.

RTO Homes is a company that has evolved over the years since 1997. For the past several years, the moniker Vancouver Rent to Own was used. The company required a brand refresh and corporate identity that was strong in the marketplace. 

Rent To Own Canada

RTO Homes is a Rent to Own program, proudly introduced by Apex Western Homes, a BBB general contractor with more than 20 years of experience. A Rent-to-Own Agreement is a deal in which you commit to renting a property of your choice for a specific period, with the option of buying it before or when the lease runs out. Our Rent-to-Own agreements include a standard lease agreement with an Option to Buy when the lease term ends.


Trusted By Design

A key to the project was to develop a financially focused real estate brand that was fresh and had a bigger brand feel than the other competitors in Canada. Our process included over 80 hours of research, which also included looking across the border in the USA. Finding the industry leaders in the United States helped us to identify the similarities that the most successful RTO companies shared.

The Concept

We developed a logo that looks both financial and real estate-focused while utilizing an abstract icon that represents two hands coming together to form a director frame. This is the universal symbol of planning and the dream of what something can look like.

The Outcome

RTO Homes successfully launched the company in September 2020. So far the company has identified and closed multiple deals under the new moniker and brand visual identity.

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