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Evolve was contacted by ReviveKit owner Tony Jang in 2015. The concept was to create a hangover relief supplement, that was contained in a simple capsule. We rebranded ReviveKit to appear more calming, peaceful and modern.

Hangover Supplement

Hangovers suck. ReviveKit is a hydrating capsule using Milk Thistle, Ginger Roots, Indian Gooseberry, and dietary vitamins to supplement the liver. This helps protect the internal organs that are responsible for hydration, control of nausea and other unpleasant side effects from drinking alcohol.

A modern, calming and industry-leading brand position.

Evolve produced a remarkable brand visual identity system for ReviveKit. We consulted on print styling, paper texture, metallic colour swatch, and also which printer would provide the best cost, value and benefits to the organization.

The result was a timeless brand.

Your Hangover Remedy

Metallic Ink + Paper Stock

We specialize in metallic print consultation and the paper stock needed to have the right feel. The ReviveKit brand required a custom blue ink, developed by Glenmore Printing.

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