• Brand positioning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product design
  • Media consulting
  • SEO


This dermatologist-recommended skincare has multiple lines suitable for all skin types. It’s a comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Racine is the ultimate spa at home experience. 

Brand positioning

With brand positioning, we consider how the brand appears in the mind of your customers. The goal is to create a unique and lasting impression in a way that communicates trust, authenticity and reliable results. We positioned Racine, by making the direct link between the product’s value proposition and the brand’s promise, shaping the market’s perception of the brand’s potential. This was achieved with smart design, for we view design as a silent ambassador of your brand. Powerful branding depends not only on aesthetic features of brand elements but on the details such as message and emotional appeal standing behind it. 

Marketing strategy

We design with its marketability in mind. The overall brand is what captivates the potential customer to visit your website. For Racinne, we focused on achieving high conversion rates by developing a brand identity that was intriguing and trustworthy. Coupled with a strong SEO strategy, we achieved international brand awareness. This identity was solidified when we clearly determined the brand touchpoints, and how to consistently communicate the brand both internally.

Trusted By Design

The logo is the most prominent symbol of brand image and the foundation of an effective marketing strategy, enabling its connection with the target audience. The brand guide is the most critical component of the brand foundation. Evolve took the role of brand consulting, by establishing the rules for logo placement, color palate, typography and overall tone of voice, forming a brand personality their audience can build an authentic connection with. 

The science behind the design

  • User research
  • Marketing research
  • Creative search
  • Choice of style direction
  • Choice of color palette
  • Testing in different sizes and environments

The Outcome

We refined Racine’s visual identity system, that made them a competitive international brand. The level of consistency across all assets (digital and print) created a level of trust among their customers that matched the quality of their products. 

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