Can you picture yourself working with brands like Google, Telus, UFC and others?

If you’ve got a proven track record of success in customer service or hospitality, and are looking to branch into a successful sales career, this role is for you!

As an Outback Sales Account Manager, you will act as a trusted consultant to world famous companies to build employee engagement, create a healthy work environment, and increase productivity through team building, training, and executive coaching initiatives.

We believe that with the right support, tools and systems, you will be successful and therefore, we’ll equip you with:

We are committed to setting you up for progressive personal, professional, and financial growth to earning six figures! Our commission and bonus plans are uncapped and solicited sales pay out double the commission. Our marketing team will generate leads for you each day and within 90 days, we will train and equip you with the knowledge and tools to proactively generate repeat and new business which, in addition to the leads from our marketing efforts, will help you grow your book of business and a sustainable, successful sales career.

Key Responsibilities:

The Perks:

Work Schedule

Job Types: Full-time, Commission, Permanent


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