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The original headquarters of Airlux were established in 2004 in British Columbia, Canada. Today the company is known for manufacturing, selling and installing a variety of energy saving cooling, heating and ventilation products to customers across Canada and the United
States. Company’s offices and warehouses are located in New York, USA and British Columbia, Canada. Our products include ductless split heat pumps and air conditioners, ventilation equipment and accessories.

Brand Refresh

We developed a refreshed visual identity system. Every 5-10 years, a company must update to modernize and stay relevant. We establishing rules for logo, corporate colors, typography, layout, sizing / dimensions, and new design renders for their fleet, stationary design and sales materials to equip their sales representatives. 

Brand Recognition

A strategic brand creates a strong correlation between its
features and the customer’s ability to recognize it.
We refreshed the brand to become more unique and distinct to build deeper impressions more easily, by passing the brain’s filter for visual noise. People typically engage with businesses they recognize, as brand familiarity builds trust. Strengthening this key connection with your customer leads to a higher chance of purchase.

Modernizing a Legacy Brand

Evolve took a close look at the international competition. The findings led us to minify the logo by updating the color scheme and updating the typography. 

More Experience

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