Fully integrated marketing and sales automation allow you to automate your sales process. Assist your sales reps with automated actions (and deal adjustments) based on your contact’s emails, actions, time within deals/stages, site browsing history and more.

Examples of How We Automate Sales:

  • Automatically qualify new leads before manually reviewing
  • Move the deal to another stage based on site/page visits
  • Send a follow up email after being idle for 15 days
  • Alert sales reps of urgent deals based on contact behavior
  • Auto-close deals based on lack of replies

E-Mail Follow Up Campaigns:

When it comes to cold mailing campaigns, the follow-up email is where you make the sale.Your first message can be pretty hit or miss, but your follow-up email is your best chance to show the value you offer and convert the prospect, so you need to make sure your email is a true masterpiece. But even the biggest effort can be wasted if you start on the wrong foot or are not be persistent enough. To make sure that you squeeze the most out of each prospect you need to remember about three things: timing, follow-up emails, and outreach strategy.

Facebook Messenger Follow Up Campaigns:

There are now 1.5 Billion Facebook users, and 1.2 of them are mobile each month. What does mobile mean? Well, people are out doing things, they don’t have time to stop and enter their information on a lead capture page. Think of when you are driving, sometimes you scroll at your phone at a red light, and see and ad. Then light turns green – oops they put their phone away. How upset would you be as a marketer  if you paid to show me your ad, but I didn’t even actually see it?

What if, you were now able to collect a lead , without ever needing a lead capture page, or having to enter all your info, and subscribing? What if you could get your prospect in front of your offer within just 5 seconds? Here is the new way. See, when Facebook makes changes, we have to change with it. Facebook messenger made their API public. What does this mean? Facebook is now allowing anyone to create programs that tap directly into Facebook messenger.

Why should you care about Facebook Messenger?

Think of it this way: Facebook messenger is the fastest growing app in 2016! It’s downloaded more than Facebok, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, IG, UberM you name it! Now 11% of the entire planet uses messenger every month. The most important thing you can do is bring your business to the user, not the other way around! People don’t go online to search as much anymore, they go on their phone.

And did you know that the messenger ap has a 95% open rate in just 72 hours? That’s 10x more than email marketing! So the most important thing is to get your business into their messenger – where they need it. Not where you feel your customer should find it.