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We don’t accept the status quo, and we’re not satisfied with band-aid solutions. We are proactive, actively addressing and resolving the keystone issues facing our digital society.

Connect at the speed of light

Reimagining connections with un-compromised speed, clarity, and convenience for an increasingly impatient world.

As our global society becomes more digitized, we’re able to close geographic distances like never before. But removing physical contact from our private and commercial spaces means one critical thing: being able to verify and authenticate your identity has become a foundational core need of businesses everywhere. In all aspects of modern life, from using social media, to sending and receiving money, to fulfilling public health needs, to stopping fraud and crime, your identity is the key to a safe and convenient society that works for you and makes your life better.

We developed a recognizable, yet subtly unique identity that was inline with the industry.

The name was developed as a clever play, on the word security, try to sound out the name, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Want a proposal?

We Make custom proposals, please make a RFP (request for proposal) to get us started on yours.

We carefully monitor, analyze, audit and optimize by starting with research. Then we are able to start developing numbers and project budgetary outlines. It begins with a strong discovery session, commonly referred to as ‘a brief.’

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