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Jive means to dance, and since you can’t dance with your friends, we think it’s time you start jiving with bees.

Brand Essence

It’s clear we need to save the bees. But rather than just drop #hashtags and empty statements, they’re walking the walk by partnering up with the World Wide Bee Organization. When you buy Jive honey, you’re directly supporting local bee farmers, as well as bee research and education. In other words, you’re actually helping save the bees. 

Full Scale Brand Development

Our goal is to give users an intuitive and pleasurable experience. Good UX design creates a positive experience for your user by anticipating—and fulfilling—their needs.

For those of you who think all honey tastes the same, get ready to have your mind blown. Seriously. If you weren’t a honey lover before, our uniquely creamy white Clover Honey will change your mind. And if you were, it’s time to fall in love all over again. 

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