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Evolve was responsible for binding the organization towards common goals, in a new day and age.

Hockey, Legacy and Team Work

The Canucks Alumni is a historic legacy organization. The past alumni players from the Vancouver Canucks required some unity in making certain digital decisions. Evolve joined forces on a pro bono basis, to support healthy change in the organization. We helped build the relationship between The Cooperators Insurance, and the Canucks Alumni.

Legacy Organizations Updating their Digital Communications Strategy

A Brand sometimes must review how it is communicating to the public. A brand sometimes needs to rethink the approach, and must partner with the right resources to do something truly special. The bond forged between the Canucks Alumni and Evolve Branding was important for both organizations.

Pro Bono Work

Evolve offers free resources to many organizations. We are always strategizing on ways to save our clients money. With the Canucks Alumni, our work was provided free, as part of our brand ethos to ‘make the city even better’. 

Our firm provided 280 hours of work to help secure the deal between two organizations. We designed the presentations, setting consultation and early partnership ideation.

An Epic Partnership

The Cooperators & The Canucks Alumni

With a great donation comes great possibilities within an organization. The Cooperators generously supported the Canucks Alumni to start a new digital age.

The Outcome

After a mere 2 years of working together, both organizations have experienced positive change. The union forged by Evolve between The Cooperators and The Canucks Alumni has led to an ongoing agreement, ongoing donations, and great value for the Alumni and the Cooperators.

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