The primary purpose of this project is develop a unique, trustworthy and technology focused visual brand identity and website presentation. This ensures that increased website traffic converts to increased business inquires, and better equips sales representatives to acquire new business. The best way to achieve brand recognition, is to present ASCERA’s process in a visually engaging way with film production that will demonstrate the unique processes, technology, resources, and team’s expertise. This achieves a brand visual identity that communicates reliability, trust, professionalism and very clear brand promises.


ASCERA is a future focused glass and ceramic vape cartridge project. The best oils are the product of quality flower. 

Brand Essence

We captured material that is highly cinematic, which has built immediate trust in the brand. By showcasing the depths of services, process, the management team, and a glimpse of the business model, a unique brand position was be formed. This gives viewers the best possible impression on the company.

Brand Relevance

Our mission was to humanize the brand to create an emotional connection with the ceramic technology. This is achieved by developing a brand personality that the ideal client identifies with the brand. We did this with our brand essence video of a diverse range of sophisticated professionals, from all parts of the world to illustrate the elegance and social acceptance of using vapourizers in a modern busy day life. We positioned it as something simple, something fun, something that can add the perfect amount of joy to your busy life. 

Brand Perception

Brand perception translates to perceived value & capability. When a company looks bigger, it gives new potential customers the comfort and confidence that the company can deliver on its promises. Often times customers want to do business with the best company, which is ACERA. The website educates customers how ASCERA is revolutionizing the vaping industry. The website reflects on company size: the quality and quantity of content serves as a value-based platform to educate potential clients, and ultimately act as a sales tool.

Brand Recognition

We create brand recognition by emphasizing the unique selling points, and key performance indicators of the company. This entails getting a better understanding of the business model, and what differentiates the company from the other vape tech companies in Canada. We develop a brand position by researching all of the
competitors and building a strong voice for the brand.

The Outcome

Since the business has primarily marketed itself through word-of-mouth, the referrals have been much stronger with a visually engaging website, a strong media kit, that loads quickly and is design responsive on all devices (looks great on all mobile phones, tablets and computers). Within one month of the brand launch, ASCERA sold over 200,000 units of ceramics.

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