A strong Brand consists of many components, that come together with unity, consistency and social impact. Evolve Branding delivers Branding Solutions that connect an audience to a brand emotionally, with effective story-telling, graphic design and advertising concepts.

This list outlines services we provide that are critical factors to brand development and ultimately, business success:
1. Name Selection

Evolve generates name selections based on a wide array of research points. We actively discover the root meaning of a word; etymology is key to discovering new takes on concepts that are fresh and inspiring to your target market. We also seek alternative meanings from name selections that are relevant in other languages and cultures that are relevant to the Brand target.

2. Business Prospecting

Evolve Branding has many startup clients, that are looking for a go-to-market strategy. Our associates and partners delve deep into business prospecting to determine Business Strategies, Key Performance Indicators, Unique Selling Points, Market Audits and other forms of research to determine the strongest paths for a new venture to succeed in any industry.

3. Public Relations (PR)

Our firm provides services in Event Planning, PR model hiring, Client Rewards, Customer Appreciation and Sweepstakes for a wide variety of business types. For a brand to stay current in a given market, a business must stay proactive in a client’s mind. We provide services that help your company stay relevant in the public eye.

4. Advertising and Marketing

Once an effective brand has been developed, it is essential to get the word out. Evolve delivers customized advertising and marketing solutions to companies of all scopes and sizes. It is critical to determine the platforms for advertising and marketing, whether in Film and Television, Pay Per Click, Print or Social Media Marketing, Evolve Branding researches and then proposes the best plans for action.

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